Our Cause

Horses of Gili

This is Life Festival is proudly supporting Horses of Gili.  As a team, when planning the festival it was discussed that we wished to ensure we were environmentally conscious, leaving no trace, as well as supporting a cause that would help the islands.

The working horses on all of the Gili islands keep things moving for the locals and tourists. For us, it made sense to support them. With no motorised vehicles, transport on the Gili’s is by foot, bicycle or horse and cart. Most of the labour intensive work done by the ponies and horses.  

Horses of Gili is a not for profit orgnization founded by residents on Gili Trawangan, operating beneath the NGO Gili Eco Trust. They aim to improve the welfare of the working horses and provide the essentials when and where they can.  

We endevour to provide support and donate a % of each ticket sold to the organisation once our event is completed. We look forward to working alongide such a great cause!   

For more information please check out the following links:  

Instagram: @horsesofgili
Youtube: https://youtu.be/SPu66prb4KM
FB: http://www.facebook.com/horsesofgili
Web: http://www.horsesofgili.com/