Terms & Conditions


Before purchasing tickets, please read all of the below Terms and Conditions.

THIS IS LIFE FESTIVAL (ABN 55 163 090 785) (“the promoter”, “we”, “us” “our”, “event organiser” “festival”) is the promoter and management team of the festival This is Life Festival 2019 which is to be held at Lucky’s Bar, Gili Air (the “Venue”) in Indonesia. The following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) apply to the sale of tickets (“Tickets”) and entry in to the Festival for all customers (“you”, “your”).  By purchasing a ticket, having someone else purchase for you or being gifted a Ticket to This is Life Festival or otherwise attending the Festival, you agree to be bound by and follow the Terms and Conditions.

We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time, and will post any variations on our website http://www.thisislifefestival.co

All ticket sales are final and there will be no ticket refunds and/or ticket exchanges. This is Life Festival is a “Rain, Hail or Shine” Festival.  We will not be able to provide refunds if you change your mind or in the event of unexpected circumstance changes. If you do not agree with this, please do not purchase Tickets for the Festival..


  • To gain entry in to and attend the Festival, you must show a valid Ticket. 
  • Tickets must be purchased from authorised promoters or online through Eventbrite. The Promoter may also gift you a complimentary Ticket.
  • Tickets sold for the Festival are standing room only.
  • Tickets must not be re-sold and are non-transferable, unless otherwise authorised by us you may be refused entry into the Festival if you are not the original Ticket holder or your ticket is found to be damaged or cancelled.
  • All E-Tickets purchased on Eventbrite are printed with a name. If you attempt to use an E-Ticket to enter the Festival, you must be the person listed on the E-Ticket (and show Valid ID bearing the same name as on the E-Ticket); or enter the festival with the person listed on the E-Ticket (who shows Valid ID bearing the same name as on the E-Ticket). “Valid ID” means a valid passport, Australian driver’s licence or keypass, or an Indonesian ID card.
  • If you purchase a Hard Ticket, we will not be able to replace lost, stolen or damaged tickets - so please take care of them. We may also cancel any tickets that have been found to be sold in a manner that has not been authorised by us.

Refunds, Changes and Cancellations

Purchasing Tickets to any festival subjects You to a high degree of risk relative to possible Festival cancellations. If you do not agree with any of the terms and conditions, or you do not agree to assume the allocation of risk to you as described below, please do not purchase Tickets.

  • Unless authorised by the us, Ticket sales are strictly non-refundable.  You will not be entitled to a refund for a change of personal circumstances, poor weather conditions, where you are evicted from the Festival or where the Promoters makes changes to the Festival.
  • We reserve the right to make changes to the Festival, without prior notice, including without limitation; the venue, artist lineups, the Festival times and dates, amenities, facilities, entry and exit times and other Festival attractions.
  • The Promoter may cancel the Festival, for a reason outside the Promoter’s reasonable control, including without limitation, fire, drought, acts of god, rulings by council, the police or other authorities (a “Force Majeure Event”).

Force Majeure Events

Upon the occurrence of a Festival Cancellation due to; events outside of our control, such as, acts of God, wars, civil rebellion, strikes, hurricanes, tropical storms, earthquakes, high seas resulting in no boats being able to go to and from Gili Air, floods, or other natural disasters - we shall have the right, but not the obligation, to issue you a refund. Due to the nature of our event, we may postpone the event or cancel the Festival all together without further legal or financial obligation or liability to you, including the obligation to issue you a refund. Purchasing Tickets pursuant to these terms and conditions subjects you to a high degree of risk relative to possible Festival cancellations. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not purchase Tickets.

Liability and your health and safety.

Entry to the Festival is AT YOUR OWN RISK.  By purchasing a ticket you are acknowledging that there are many dangers of attending a music festival that may result in loss or damage to your property, personal injury or even death. We do not provide liability insurance for the protection of individuals, groups, organisations, businesses, spectators, or others who may participate in This is Life Festival. Please know with every ticket purchase, all who attend the Festival are agreeing to release the Promoters, participants, sanctioning organisations or any subdivision thereof and any organisers, crew, volunteers, sponsors, advertisers, owners, employees and lessees of premises used to conduct the Festival, from all liability, for any loss, damage, injury to the person or their property resulting in death arising out of or related to our Festival.

As a Ticket holder you agree to assume full responsibility for any risk of injury, death or property damage related to your attendance to This is Life Festival. By purchasing a ticket, you are agreeing to take all of the necessary steps to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, staying hydrated and behaving in a way that will not put anyone else at risk. If you do not agree with this, please do not purchase tickets. 

Please take care.

This is LIfe Festival Rules

  • As above, no refunds or exchanges on ticket purchase. The event will be held rain or shine. 
  • Anyone who is engaging in violent, obscene or aggressive behaviour will be removed from the venue and no refunds will be given. 
  • You must have valid ID.
  • You must provide your correct name and details during the ticket purchasing process.
  • We are a family, you must show respect and compassion to other patrons..
  • No alcohol is to be brought into the venue. Alcohol will be provided by Lucky’s Bar. However you are welcome to BYO snacks and food - we will also have some food available through our pop up store by Warung Kampung.
  • Please note, there will be photographers and videographers at the venue, by purchasing a ticket you are agreeing to be filmed and photographed. We may use these images and videos for promotional purposes and advertising.
  • Any breach of any of these terms and conditions will entitle the Event organisers to evict the ticket holder from the venue and confiscate any ticket or wristband, without refund.
  • Due to island regulations and religious practice, we are required to respect the local culture and traditions - therefore between the hours of 4am - 6:30am the music will be turned down. We still be providing entertainment during this time however we hope that everyone attending will understand and show the same respect regarding noise levels. Thank you.

Please remember:

  • If you are coming to Indonesia from another country, your passport must have 6 months validity to enter Indonesia. It’s a good idea to check this before your trip.
  • Accommodation on the island and boat tickets to and from will book up fast being peak season in Bali. Please book ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

By participating in the This is Life Festival you agree on behalf of your heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns, to indemnify the This is Life Festival and its team and venue from any and all actions, causes of actions, claims and demands for, upon or by reason of any damage, loss or injury, which hereafter may be sustained by participating in the This is Life Festival.